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September 11, 2013 - A new server

It's been a couple of years since I've logged into the server. Yesterday I tried to backup the server (It's been running on a Sun Virtualbox for a few years) and move it off to one of our VMWare network. Well that didn't go so well so I had to go back to the web server that the site was runnin on years ago and dump a copy over to the new VM. Since I had to go through that much trouble I decided to make a post and say Hi.


June 8, 2010 - BattleOP.com forums online!

As you can see this is the first update in a few years. In fact it's been so long that I don't have a copy of Dreamweaver anymore so I am updating via the CLI on the server. Anyways here is the link to the forums that will serve as the gathering place for old Tanarus friends. forums.battleop.com 


August 31, 2006 2:30pm EST -Free Weekends Return!

Tony posted in the forums that there are two upcoming free weekends. We hope to see you on the battle fields on these weekends.

When: Friday (9-1-06)
Ends: Tuesday (9-5-06)


August 15, 2006 11:38pm EST - An update.

This is here to just say I posted an update. I found this auction on Ebay today. Heh Tanarus is a "rare" find. I am actually playing a little Tanarus now and then.


February 10, 2005 12:16pm EST - Special Events

Joe posted on the forums about a series of special events coming up for Tanarus. When these special events happen they will happen server wide. You can click on the link to the left for the rules under Special Events. The dates for the special events are as follows:

February 11, 2005 - Mark 4 Wars
February 18, 2005 - AP Wars
February 25, 2005 - Cham Wars

Each event runs from 4pm to 6pm PST (SOE Time)


February 8, 2005 2:01pm EST - The Bops are back!

Usually this time of year I make a post telling everyone that the Bop Program will make it's come back on February 29th which results in a flood of e-mails with people asking how to sign up. It is truly amazing how I could do this year after year and no one would catch on. :)

Well this year Joe went and ruined my fun. The Bop Program is back. There is a new Senior Bop and three new BattleOPs. Xin is the new Senior and Disbop, JdgBop, and Nitrate are the new BattleOPs.

Congratulations Guys!

I have also updated the Bop list to show the current and retired Bops. IF you were a Bop in the past and I left you off the list drop me an e-mail and I will add you to the list.


November 21, 2003 11:00am EST - New Tank Concept

Joe posted on the Boards that he had been playing with a new tank idea in 3dsmax. He has posted some concept screen shots of the new tank but has told everyone that this does not mean the tank will be added. To check out the tanks click here.


November 17, 2003 4:00pm EST - Whoa an update!

It's been a while sense I updated the site last. I think its about time that I work on the site more often sense SOEJoe has picked up an interest in the game. I am really glad that Sony has put someone in charge of the game that really seems to care.

I have set up an anonymous FTP server for downloading arenas. This will make it easy for people who don't want to click on each link on the Arena Download page. The server address is ftp2.battleop.com. You can click Here to access it with IE.

I have also added a Hosting Option for sites. Check out the Get Hosted link to read more about it.


July 25, 2003 1:00 AM EST - Friar the TV star!

Watch your favorite Tanarus Hero right here on BattleOP.com. Click here to see the video of the gaming show Icons. You MUST have Windows Media Player 9 to watch the video. Click Here to see it.


February 15, 2003 9:00 AM EST - The Bops return! - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 2/29/03!!

Saturday February 29, 2003 the Bop program will make its return to Tanarus. It has been a long time sense we have had the Bop program in place. We will be accepting new applications for New Bops. You can head over to the Bop application link and fill out an application. We will be meeting with returning Bops and new Bops shortly so stay tuned. To celebrate this even there will be a Free Tanarus weekend from Saturday the 29th through Monday the 31st.


July 23, 2002 12:15pm EST - They did try and market Tanarus! and other stuff

Several people have asked me what is going on with BattleOP.com. Well seeing as how SOE killed the Bop program there isn't much to post and I just have not had the time to do much with the web site because I have been busy with lots of projects at work.

I have had a few people ask about the future of BattleOP.com. I plan on keeping BattleOP.com up and running as a Tanarus related site as opposed to a BattleOp related site. I have started work on another site called BattleOP.org. This site is basically a private site where the former Bops and friends gather to play other games and keep up with each other.

The other day my wife was looking through an old magazine trying to figure out why I had a copy of Computer & Net player from 1997. As she flipped through it she found a two page ad for Tanarus. I had completely forgotten that I had that magazine. Well I have scanned the adds and posted them here. You can click on the images to see the full size.

I have also added the wall paper that is on the different Battleop.com servers in the downloads section of the site.


March 28 , 2002 10:30am EST -Tanarus Email Addresses

Since the Bop program no longer exists there is no point in emailing me about Tanarus related issues. Here is the chain of command and e-mail addresses for Tanarus.

Paul Williams pwilliams@soe.sony.com In-game Sony Rep
Rob Hill rhill@soe.sony.com Producer
Russell Shanks rshanks@soe.sony.com  
John Smedly jsmedly@soe.sony.com President of SOE


April 22, 2002 8:25pm EST -Security ALERT!


We have learned that the account stealing is from with in The EverQuest live Tech support. I have informed several key employees at SOE about this problem. We will just have to wait and see if the problem is corrected.

Several people have reported that their Station Accounts have been stolen. We have discovered that there is a security flaw in Hotmail accounts. The people stealing the accounts are triggering the password recovery and players who use Hotmail for their e-mail accounts are at HIGH risk of losing their accounts. Here are a few things to do to prevent this.

Do NOT use a Hotmail account for your Station Account
Change your password immediately
Change your zipcode to one that you will remember.

We know that many people will exploit this to steal other players accounts by claiming that their account was stolen this way. We will be unable to verify this. Because of this we will be unable to return accounts stolen this way. If you use Hotmail, we urge you to immediately change your e-mail address at least for your Station Account.


April 1 , 2002 1:25pm EST - New Server - This is an April Fools joke for thoes who didn't notice.

Make your mark on Tanarus! Sony Online Entertainment and BattleOP.com are proud to offer a unique and rewarding opportunity for Tanarus players: the Tanarus Legends Service. Are you ready for a new, more dynamic Tanarus experience? Are you prepared to take on exciting new challenges, discover unknown arenas, and have your own personal BattleOp? For only $19.47/mo you can have access to a frag and lag free environment. No more lamers, no more laggers, and no more heaters. For more information click here.


March 21 , 2002 1:25pm EST - Promotion, New Bop, and a new fearless leader.

Well lots of things are going on in Tanarus right now.

First of all Lacosta has been promoted to Senior Bop. Cure has joined the ranks of the Bop program and Rob aka Qombat is the new Sony Staff member handlingTanarus. Friar is still around, though most of his new duties prevent him from spending the time he would like to spend on Tanarus. Lets welcome Qombat and Cure and congratulate Lacosta on their new positions.

There are rumors floating around that this is the beginning of the end of Tanarus. This is not true, its just another chapter in the History of Tanarus.


January 24, 2002 7:25pm EST - Tanarus Fix

Here is a copy of my tanarus.exe file. This should fix any problems you have playing Tanarus. I have tested this file on Windows 98se, Windows Me, and XP Pro . There should be no problems running it under Windows 95, 98 First Edition, or 2000 Pro. Click HERE to grab the File.

Once you download the file place it in your Tanarus directory. If you do not know where your Tanarus directory is, just right click on your Tanarus ICON and then chose Properties. Once the Properties window pops up click on Find target and it will take you directly to your Tanarus directory. Place the file there and answer "yes" when you are asked if you wish to replace the file.


January 16, 2002 4:20pm EST - Congrats KillGorack!

Welcome the newest Jr. Bop to the world. KillGorack is the proud father of a brand spanking new 7lb, 7oz baby Boy. Congrats go out to you and your wife.


January 14, 2002 11:10pm EST - Friar talks about the Rotation.

Friar made a post this afternoon about the upcoming rotation and why it didn't happen today. You can see the post on the Tanarus web site's message boards by clicking here.

"I caught some bug and spent the day sleeping so I wasn't able to do anything with the rotation today. We're still fighting over the selection anyway. We'll get some kind of consensus tomorrow and I think I should be able to get things moving on Wednesday."


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