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Who is working on battleop.com?
Battleop.com is a new project being developed by some of the members of the BattleOp program.

What Are BattleOps?
We are players who have been granted a special position within Tanarus to assist Verant with various tasks. We don't get paid, and are not actual employees of Verant Interactive however we do get access to certain restricted commands, to ease us in performing our job. Our jobs include being Customer Service Reps, Technical Support, Teachers, and the enforcers of the Terms of Service.

Customer Service - Some of our responsibilities in this area include helping players with account and password problems as well as any other problems that may arise.

Technical Support - Between the team of BattleOps, we have a wide range of experience in networking, hardware, software, and other aspects of the computer and internet industry. With our collective knowledge we can try to resolve any technical problems you might have playing Tanarus or designing new maps, both in the game and also via email support.

Teacher - BattleOps teach a wide variety of classes, suitable for beginners as well as advanced players. There are separate classes detailing the usage of each tank, along with other classes, such as flagging. Usually, classes for beginning players involve use of recon captures and other assorted modules then progress to the basics of dueling/tank usage etc. Advanced classes teach team tactics, complex maneuvers, and other little-known tidbits that certain players have gathered. At the moment there is no set timetable for any of these classes, so if you need any help with any parts of the game, please ask a BattleOp in the game. Sometimes experienced players who are not BattleOps will help newer players learn the ropes as well.

ToS Enforcement - We are here to keep the game as fair and fun as possible. If you are having problems with a player, please don't take matters into your own hands - contact a BattleOp and if possible, take screen caps of the incident. Taking matters into your own hands may do more harm than good.

How do I recognize a BattleOp?
BattleOps can be easily identified by their rank, which reads 'BattleOp', instead of their actual arena rank, in the same manner as Verant Staff. For the record, click here for the list of current BattleOps: The current list of BattleOps

Who's in charge of the BattleOps?
The BattleOps are under the supervision of Charles Flock (aka Friar). We also have five Senior BattleOps - ArsonWave BoBaFett, EgoTigress, Skeeno, and Stang.

How do I become a BattleOp?
Head to the Apply section of the web page. We are testing a form for submission, for now you can click here to go to the application download page.

What if my question isn't answered here?
If you have additional questions, you can email info@battleop.com and your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

Tip of the Week
You can fire a Guided missile on the move and guide the missile while your tank continues to move. Be careful when you do this, because your tank just might end up in the middle of enemy tanks.

Did you know?
You can see cloaked tanks with a SatCam.