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How do I type in color?
To type in color you need to put a &2, &3, &4, or &5 in front of your text. If you want to type in different colors in one like just put the color code before the part you want to change color.

How do I rename?
Use #rename to change handles. The usage is #rename

How often can I rename?
Once a week, or every 168 hours.

It has been less than 168 hours. Can a Bop rename me?
No, We only rename names that violate the TOS

How do I locate another player in the game?
Use the #whereis command. The usage is #whereis . You do not have to type the entire name to use the command. For example, if [Bop]Ntrubl is online you could type #whereis bop and every player with bop in their name will show up in your results. This command is useful if your team uses a tag. You could type #wheres and the team tag to find all the members of your team.

How do I send a private message?
To send a private message you need to put a / before their name. The usage would be /playername and the message.

How do I get to the arenas?
Just click on the button marked ARENA. Then choose the area you want to play in and then chose your arena and then team.

How do I view my stats?
Just right click on your name in the list of people who are in chat. You can also view other player's stats the same way.

Can I reset my stats?
Yes, but you can only use this two times on each handle. Use this command wisely because you can only use it 2 times.

How do I join a team?
You have to be invited to a team. If you are new to Tanarus the best thing to do is play the game some and see what teams the people you like playing with on the most. Then ask a member what you have to do to join.

Can I start my own team?
You sure can. Once you reach the rank of Sergeant you can create your own team. You need 3 Million points to reach Sergeant.

How do I sent a message to everyone?
You can't. Only BattleOp can send these types of messages. We can only use the #tell command to announce official tournaments and games that are officially supported such as Force Wars or Open arenas.

I want to recruit members to my team. Can a Bop announce that I am looking for members?
Sorry but we can not do personalized tells.

Can a Bop announce ChamWarz or another Duel I have made up?
Sorry, but we can not announce unofficial games. If we announce them then many people will think that we have sponsored that game and we can not enforce the rules.

Tip of the Week
You can fire a Guided missile on the move and guide the missile while your tank continues to move. Be careful when you do this, because your tank just might end up in the middle of enemy tanks.

Did you know?
You can see cloaked tanks with a SatCam.