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Do you have any questions that have not been answer on BattleOp.com? Send your question here and we will try to find the right person to answer the question.

If you want a map that you have made posted on the maps section of this page and posted in the BattleOp's map review news group this is the right place to send them. Please send the maps in a ziped form and include a .txt file in the ziped file that tells us who wrote the map and any other information that you would like to let people testing the map know.

If you are hosting a tourney and you would like it posted in the news section that's coming soon(tm) to this web page send your news here.

Use this email address to send screen caps of people breaking the tos or just doing funny stuff. Please convert these images to .jpg if you can or if its just text crop the text of the screen cap. Be sure to save the original .bmp file on your computer in case we need it. Please include some back ground information with your email.

Questions or comments about BattleOp.com should be sent to this email address. When sending screen caps please convert them to .jpg format. Sense some of the bops do not have high bandwidth connections this will help them to download the screen caps with out spending all day to wait on them.

Technical Support
The host name for the Tanarus gaming server is sdtanarus1.station.sony.com use this address for pinging and preforming a tracert to the server.

Use this addres for technical support. When contacing tech support include your system specifications along with the problem you are having in your email. This also the address to send a copy of your trace to the Tanarus server.

Phone Support
Sony Technical Support
1 (858) 537-0898 Tech support is available via phone support Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:30am until 5:30pm PST. Verant is located in San Diego, CA. For better assistance please be at your computer and online when calling Tech support. This number is not for billing or TOS related issues.

The Sony Station Customer Service
Customer service reps are available weekdays from 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM ET, except holidays. This is the number to call for billing related issues. Have your credit card information ready when call billing support. The reps at this number can not help you with TOS and Technical issues. Toll-free in the US and Canada: 1-888 STATION

BattleOp email addresses.
BattleOps now have thier own @battleop.com email address. Just ask a bop which is thier email address in the game.

Tip of the Week
You can fire a Guided missile on the move and guide the missile while your tank continues to move. Be careful when you do this, because your tank just might end up in the middle of enemy tanks.

Did you know?
You can see cloaked tanks with a SatCam.