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Here are some things that we will need to help you out.

Tech Support
When you contact a BattleOp with a technical problem you will need to know a few things so that we can help you faster. You do not have to know these things, but if you do we can help find and fix the problem faster. Some of the things we will need to know are:

What version of Windows are you using?
What version of DirectX are you using?
What are you system details? CPU? Memory?
What Video card do you have?
When did you update your Drivers last?

Reporting players
This is another area where we can help you faster if you can provide us with some information. Some of the things we need to know are:
What is the players name?
What happened?
Where are they?
Did other players witness this?
Did you take screencaps?
Emailing Battleops
Most of the BattleOps have their own BattleOp.com email address. Before you email a BattleOp at their BattleOp.com email address be sure to ask the Bop that you are talking to what their email address is. Sometimes we are Boping under a different name and they may not get your email. When you email us consider the following tips:

Tell us who you are, we do not know your handle by your email address
If you are sending screencaps, let us know what happened, and when.
Provide us with as much information as you can, the more information we have, the faster we can take care of your problem.
DO NOT send us your password with your email. We do not need it.
When you are emailing us regarding a TOS punishment provide your Station or Zone ID and BOTH of your handles.

Tip of the Week
You can fire a Guided missile on the move and guide the missile while your tank continues to move. Be careful when you do this, because your tank just might end up in the middle of enemy tanks.

Did you know?
You can see cloaked tanks with a SatCam.