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What does BattleOP.com hosting offer?

  Your choice of yourdomain.battleop.com or your own domain name*.
  Get a link off of the main BattleOP.com page.
  100MB Disk space. Additional space can be available.
  Public Download only FTP Server.
  IIS or Apache Web Server

What's the catch?

  Content must be related to Tanarus.
  No Objectionable content such as warez, mp3s, porn, etc.
  You must have a template for review at the time of submission.
  You must have a Powered by BattleOP.com visible on the main page
    when available.
  At this time we only accept Tanarus Community Related sites.  At some
    time in the future team sites will be available.

In a nutshell the sites should be for the benefit of the Tanarus community. Sites that offer tips on gameplay, map editing, or leagues is what I am looking for at this time. Depending on how this works out I will add team hosting in early to mid 2004.

So how do I sign up?

You can drop me an email or find me in Tanarus and we can talk about what you need.


Oh yea, it's Free!


* You must provide or buy the domain name.


Tip of the Week
You can fire a Guided missile on the move and guide the missile while your tank continues to move. Be careful when you do this, because your tank just might end up in the middle of enemy tanks.

Did you know?
You can see cloaked tanks with a SatCam.